10 most intriguing tablets of 2011

2. BlackBerry PlayBook

Splash news/ Newscom
The BlackBerry PlayBook is introduced at the RIM blackberry developers conference in San Francisco in Sept. 2010.

Another pint-sized tablet that still packs a punch.

The BlackBerry PlayBook will be coming out sometime this year. Rather than use Android or iOS, this tablet runs a custom QNX operating system, which should give it an undeniable BlackBerry feel. The tablet, packed with a speedy 1 GHz dual-core processor, is estimated to weigh less than a pound. It will have front-and rear-facing cameras, perfect for both taking snapshots and video conferencing.

Screen size: 7 inches

Price: Not yet announced

OS: BlackBerry OS

Network: Uses BlackBerry has a modem. 4G model to come.

Available: Spring 2011

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