The 10 weirdest uses for a smartphone

If you're using your smartphone only to make calls, check your email, surf the Web, manage your schedule, take photos, shoot video, listen to music, watch movies, navigate via GPS, play video games, and update your Twitter and Facebook statuses, then you're really nothing more than a Luddite.

9. Creating fine art

Brushes, an app for the iPhone and iPad, is quickly becoming a favorite of artists, with more than a quarter million downloads.

The app was even used to draw a New Yorker cover in May 2009. The artist, Portuguese illustrator Jorge Colombo told the magazine that he really likes the Undo feature. “It looks like I draw everything with supernatural assurance and very fast," he said, "it gets rid of all the hesitations.”

A companion app called Brushes Video, captures the drawing as it is created. See for yourself:

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