The 10 weirdest uses for a smartphone

If you're using your smartphone only to make calls, check your email, surf the Web, manage your schedule, take photos, shoot video, listen to music, watch movies, navigate via GPS, play video games, and update your Twitter and Facebook statuses, then you're really nothing more than a Luddite.

8. Avoiding the fuzz


If our reading of the US Constitution is correct, you're allowed to drive your car as fast as you want, wherever you want. Regrettably, many municipalities have not acknowledged this inalienable right, and they have found that infringing upon it can provide a steady stream of revenue.

Enter Trapster. This app, available on iPhone, Android, and Blackberry platforms, allows users to submit speed traps and share their locations with other members, of which there are over 10 million.

Actually, you may not be totally secure. Last month, Computerword reported that hackers have broken into Trapster's database. The company emailed all of its members notifying them that "it's best to assume that your e-mail address and password were included among the compromised data." You know, there really ought to be a law against that sort of thing.

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