Top 5 Google Labs projects is a self-described "playground" where anyone can try out almost-finished Google experimental projects. Recent alumni include Google Maps, Alerts, and its SMS text message directory service.

The current collection showcases 50-plus "bubbling test tubes." There's no guarantee that any will graduate to full Google status, but here are five projects that are worth donning a virtual lab coat to test for yourself.

4. Follow Finder

Screen shot
Google Follow Finder

Back in April, Google Labs announced Follow Finder, a tool that "analyzes public social graph information" to help Twitter users find more people worth following.

Enter your Twitter name and the service will generate a list of "Tweeps" – members who follow the same people as you. It also finds people with the same followers as you.

"For example, if you follow CNN and The New York Times on Twitter, and most people who follow CNN and The New York Times also tend to follow TIME, we'll suggest TIME as a user to follow," Google explains.

Follow Finder can be a powerful tool, but it seems very similar to Twitter's own "more like" feature. If you have suggestions on how to improve or differentiate Google's version, let them know. After all, the whole point of Labs is to try out new Google prototypes and provide feedback.

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