The Social Network: Four things the movie got wrong

The Social Network, a cinematic take on the founding of Facebook, is the number one film in the country. The backlash has already begun.

3. The network

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    'The Social Network' is supposed to be a movie about Facebook. But does it actually understand how the site works?
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"The Social Network" is a movie about Mark Zuckerberg, but it is also a movie about the website that Zuckerberg helped create. And according to a good swath of tech bloggers, the film waxed too poetic on the Facebook CEO, while giving short shrift to Facebook itself. Over at his Buzz Machine blog, media guru Jeff Jarvis takes director David Fincher and his crew to task.

"The movie quickly admits that money doesn’t matter to Zuckerberg," Jarvis writes. "So why did he build Facebook? The Social Network offers no answer, except perhaps that an outsider wanted in, but that doesn’t begin to explain what he has accomplished and why; that’s nothing but simplistic prime-time plotting. The script says nothing about him wanting to connect the world or bring communities elegant organization. It doesn’t care."

"For this," Jarvis adds, "is a movie about tactics, not strategy, about people doing hard things to each other. Elsewhere, that’s just called business."

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