The Flintstones turns 50: The five dumbest moments

3. Dinosaurs in The Flintstones

This is not so much dumb as it is simply anachronistic.

Despite what you may have seen at the Creation Museum, humans and dinosaurs never interacted. These mighty beasts disappeared 65 million years ago. Homo sapiens first emerged about 200,000 years ago. Unfortunately, this means that early humans never had a chance to adopt Dino as a pet, much less use an apatosaurus as a backhoe.

However, Baby Puss, the Flintstones' saber-toothed house cat, is historically possible – even if it's highly unlikely. Saber-toothed tigers went extinct only 12,000 years ago, giving them plenty of opportunity to interact with our early ancestors, but probably not as pets.

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