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2. Sports Champions review

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    Sports Champions offers six motion games, including archery. The game comes bundled with PlayStation Move.
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As if the comparisons between Move and the Wii weren't strong enough already, Sports Champions, the free game that comes bundled with Move, is a pretty direct response to Nintendo's pack-in game, Wii Sports. But, frankly, no matter how similar the two games may be, Sony made the right call including this copycat title. Sports Champions is fun.

Each of the game's six sports show off Move in one way or another. Throwing in disc golf feels dead on – even down to the way tilting the Frisbee affects its path. That precision applies to smacking the ball in table tennis, as well. Both archery and the gladiator duel work well with one Move controller, but come alive when you wield two. Reaching for your virtual quiver, nocking the arrow, then taking aim in rapid succession creates a wonderful flow of movement. The slower pace of bocci elicits conflicting emotions. Half the fun of bocci is the weight of each ball – something missing when you only have a plastic wand in your hand. Then again, the sport's mellow spirit really lets you appreciate Move's precision.

That accuracy, however, works best for players who fall within a certain skill range. The more average you are, the better. If you stink at ping pong, the game only holds your hand through the easiest difficulty level – even then, bad form can make matches frustrating. On the other hand, a skilled volleyball player will find spiking a digital ball somewhat wanting. Luckily, the Goldie Locks range here is wide. And the array of options in Sports Champions ensures that everyone will find their favorite mode.

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