Pulitzer Prizes

Monitor staffers have won many of journalism’s biggest awards, including seven Pulitzer Prizes, so far….


Clay Bennett

Clay Bennett’s animated style of editorial cartooning features rounded figures and sharp commentary.


David Rohde

While uncovering the biggest massacre in Europe since World War II, David Rohde was captured and held prisoner by Bosnian Serbs.


Richard Strout

During 66 years of covering American politics, Richard Strout was widely considered one of the great journalists of the 20th century.


Robert Cahn

A path-breaking series by Robert Cahn charted the future of America’s national parks and ways to help preserve them.


Howard James

Howard James’s series called “Crisis in the Courts” examined the troubles in the federal court system.


John Hughes

John Hughes covered the attempted communist coup in Indonesia in 1965 and the purges that followed.


Edmund Stevens

Based in Moscow, Stevens wrote a series of 43 articles called “This is Russia Uncensored.”