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"The Christian Science Monitor was well known to me during my 27 years in prison. It continues to give me hope and confidence for the world’s future.”

– Nelson Mandela

"The Christian Science Monitor has helped set the standard for journalistic integrity. The Monitor’s fair and balanced coverage continues to be an important source of information and I look forward to reading it every day."

– John McCain, US Senator

"The constructive service which The Christian Science Monitor has consistently rendered to better understanding between nations is widely appreciated in all parts of the world."

– Franklin D. Roosevelt

"With freedom, fairness, and sensitivity, it has recorded the events of our day and written with clarity of its judgments for the morrow. In its pages are found the facts and opinions upon which intelligent decisions can be firmly based."

– Dwight D. Eisenhower

"The Monitor is representative of the finest in independent, courageous, an unbiased American journalism."

– Walter Cronkite

"[The Monitor] seems to me one of the best and most valuable newspapers that we have in this country."

– Eleanor Roosevelt

"Brimming with superb reporting, clear writing, and honest, balanced insight, the Monitor is admirably free of cynicism, tilt, or cant. The Monitor is truly American journalism at its best."

– Mark Shields, syndicated columnist

"I think that [the Monitor] is the best international newspaper in the world. I – and I say this with a blush – actually believe what I read in it. But I admire it most because it gives no shrift to any belief in the irredeemable wickedness of man, nor in the futility of human endeavor. It is a newspaper of sober and responsible hope. Long may it live."

– Alan Payton, author

"…(the Manchester Guardian)…seems to me to occupy in this county something like the distinguished position that The Christian Science Monitor does in the United States – a position of singular distinction in British journalism."

– Winston Churchill

"The Christian Science Monitor is an important source of information on national and international news. I value the perspective of the Monitor and the work of its outstanding correspondents and editors."

– Richard G. Lugar, U.S. Senator

"I depend on The Christian Science Monitor for balanced reporting on important issues that are often overlooked by other news sources. I value the Monitor’s level-headed news judgment, its in-depth reporting, and its insightful editorials."

– Lee Hamilton, former Congressman

"The Monitor searches out important trends and digs beneath the surface to tell us why they should interest us."

– Stansfield Turner, former director, CIA

"I have the warmest regard for The Christian Science Monitor, which is truly a great newspaper. In the course of many conversations with the experienced and responsible newspaper men I have never met one who did not look upon The Christian Science Monitor as a model newspaper."

– Thomas Dewey, former Governor of New York

"It is the honest truth. I think honesty is the greatest virtue that any world or any country, or any individual can have. I might say, if you have a hallmark in the Monitor, that’s it!"

– Barry Goldwater, former U.S. Senator

"I am an avid reader of The Christian Science Monitor and I love it."

– Mario Cuomo, former Governor of New York

"For 40 years I have looked to the Monitor for a well-rounded, unfrenzied and knowledgeable view of the world. I have never been disappointed."

– Norman Cousins, former editor of the Saturday Review magazine

"The Monitor has a way of coming up a day or two ahead of time with an angle or an insight. It gives its readers a really sophisticated window on the world. I just find it a very refreshing paper."

– Robert MacNeil, former co-anchor of the MacNeil/Leher Newshour

"I am a virtual life-long reader of The Christian Science Monitor. A tip of the Stetson to whoever edits it because the editing of the paper is terrific."

– Dan Rather, Global Correspondent, HDNet

"What a privilege it is to read the Monitor on the web daily. Its perceptive journalism, which keeps a steady hold on the news enables me to grasp the essential points underlying a news item as well as the surface facts. It is a beacon of light in the world of journalism with its integrity, balance and good humour. Personal stories of unsung heroism, courageous perseverance, unselfed service, give the Monitor a unique role in uplifting the thoughts of its readers. Despite the desire of the popular press to personlize evil, the Monitor, even in some of the worst scenarios has the ability to discern something of the humanity of man, thus fulfilling its unique mission, ‘to injure no man but to bless all mankind’."

– David Barker

"The Monitor is downright amazing. I value it for the insight and perspective it offers on an array of issues. It seems to offer room for the reader to draw his own conclusion, not pushing agendas or opinions. More than once my \”opinion\” on a issue has been expanded if not changed. Most importantly it seems to embrace the promise and humanity in the stories."

– Matt Schmidt

"I read The Christian Science Monitor through the net and it is the paper I daily look forward to, especially, the daily Christian messages which are so pragmatic that one feels closer to God. In fact the interpretation of the Bible is closer to the soul than I have ever got from anywhere."

– Callisto G. J

"What a year for the Monitor’s Centennial! With Palin Derangement Syndrome in full flower in the so-called Mainstream Media, where does one turn for tilt-free reportage? The Monitor is what the world needs. High protein, as a friend of mine says. Leave Britney and Bristol to the tabloids and the New York Times. The Monitor is like a surpassingly wise uncle or aunt."

– Gordon Imrie

"When I was an in intern for U.S. Senator Paul Laxalt, The Chrisitan Science Monitor was one of the four papers we used to prepare the Friday file for the Senator. The file consisted of important articles the Senator would use to catch up with his reading. Many years later, I began to read it again because I find the information objective. Congratulations on your 100th year!"

– Susana Reyes

"Unbiased journalism I can’t find elsewhere in America."

– Mark

"I have been a subscriber to CS Monitor, off and on over the last fifty years…This newspaper is in a class by itself, in excellence, moderation, balance of views and broadbased dispersal of information from many different fields of human endeavour…May this tradition continue for another hundred years with increasing success and service to readers."

– Dr.B.Thyagarajan

"It is the only newspaper I read. I don’t have time in my busy day to always read it but I know that its articles are timeless and so I store them up. I can’t bear to dispose of it until I have at least leafed through it and then I always find something that arrests me. I love the Christian Science Monitor."

– Deborah Dunne

"CS enabled me to keep abreast of developments which really interests me."

– A. M. Ayoub

"I have been a avid reader of CS Monitor for nearly fifty years since my days at Cambridge, Mass., while I worked for World University Service. I have always found it was fair in reporting, fearless in its vision and fruitful in information. I now read the internet edition and am delighted to say that I find it most entertaining."

– Victor Cherubim

"The Monitor provides a constant flow of thoughtful, surprising, often gentle stories that confront the events of the day but which also give the reader space to reflect and develop their own opinions.

As an Englishman, I love the ability of the Monitor to reach out across the oceans and to get behind the surface of the news."

– Peter Forbes

"News without mention of tawdry and tacky behavior of ‘celebrities.’ The MONITOR is a pearl before swine."

– Beverly Owings

"I like the Monitor for the daily Religious Articles. It provodes Spiritual Food for the day and it works miracles! Thank you! The Christian Science Monitor is unique!"

– Cornelius Krissilas

"I love the Monitor! Being up here in Canada the paper edition is delivered sporadically but every single issue is precious. The Home Forum section especially helps me feel more optimistic about humanity. The book and movie reviews are very helpful and the opinion columns help me to better understand issues that I often just cannot relate to. I was so grateful for the demonstration of protection and grace with the release of Jill Carroll. Thank you for putting into words thoughts that help and heal the world."

– Marjorie Verhoeven

"I think the Monitor is very interesting, and well written. Its up to date and informative. Plus, I like the Christian articles."

– Errol Groth

"Why have you chosen McCain and not Senators Obama or Biden At this sensitive time don’t you think this was a politically unwise choice? It sounds like you are promoting McCain. If Obama and Biden have not given opinions about the Monitor, each could be asked."

– Nancy Thayer

"The Monitor is far too fascinating. Whenever I prepare to paint something, or shine my shoes, or build a fire I am distracted from my task by its brilliant journalism. Keep up the good work."

– Bob Rein III

"I am grateful for the well researched, unbiased, and intelligent CS Monitor’s articles which I read online in their sections of: Society and Culture, Personal Finance and Investments, Environment, and others. I trust the CS Monitor’s information, and highly recommend it to all thinking people, regardless of religion."

– Elia

"I'm a 52-year old Bangladeshi, and I’m reading CS Monitor from early this year as it comes to my desktop via email. I usually read some other world-class international dailies or weeklys, but the way CS monitor presents news and views are comparable to none. I like the presentations of the individual writers without emotion and bias and the policy of hurting none."

– Sirajul Islam

"The dedicated service which the Christian Science Monitor has rendered to mankind superseed all others and nothing can be compared to them."

– moses kwadzo gawonyah

"Science is pursuit of truth not for profit nor power but with the conviction that truth is worth pursuing. CSM has been doing a great job. Greetings and good wishes."

– Vithal DVR

"As a young Christian, I am daily monitoring the world events and various ideas through your good newspaper. It’s really one of a kind! Happy Birthday!!"

– Jim Xia

"Throughout the years I spent in Massachusetts, I had many contacts with members of the Massachusetts legislature. When asked about the Christian Science Monitor, they couldn’t express enough gratitude for the articles’ honesty, depth & creativity not to mention the insight it provided into politics, other cultures and peoples throughout the world. Thank you for your contribution to Mankind!"

– Christine Hurley Pappas

"When I was living in NYC and then in Sao Paulo (1980’s) I had the most important job (for me).

I had the chance to [take pictures] for the Monitor. It was such a blessing to do so. I remeber of one ocasion in special. It was a worldwide story on public school teachers around the world and I did the South America (Sao Paulo) part. I am very happy to have had the opportunity to contribute in some way with the CSM history."

– Robert Serbinenko

"I read the NY Times on Sundays and Google News and CSM on the computer during the week. I got hooked on the CSM while going to college in Boston and the computer has allowed me to continue that habit. Great paper and I like the updated WEB page. Congratulations on 100 years!"

– Jack M.

"I find important events and activities reported in depth in the Monitor but not reported elsewhere."

– Jeffrey H. Harris

"The Monitor is the light for this age to see how a newspaper must take position about events and to threat them (information or events) with impartiality."

– landry Antagana

"I love the Monitor; I love what Mrs. Eddy did for the world in founding her church and its newspaper.

I was a "copy kid" for a year; then the education editor of the Monitor for fourteen years, and a columnist for three years. I loved finding out the answers to the questions mankind was asking about schools and schooling. I loved the challenge to make my stories interesting, informative, accurate, and compelling. I served on the Monitor with a host of superb journalists, and my several editors were dedicated and thorough. I began reading the Monitor when I was a first grader, and read it daily now in my fourth decade. It continues to be interesting, informative, accurate, and compelling. It continues to bless mankind."

– Cynthia Parsons

"I thought you might be interested to hear how The Christian Science Monitor has accompanied me and my family for over 60 years!

In the 1940s [in the Philippines] I vaguely remember - if I’m right - that we could subscribe to the Monitor with the German article only. A full subscription to the Monitor would have been far too expensive for us. Not to speak of the difficulties of delivery during world war II and slow postal delivery even thereafter. But today it’s much quicker, I’m glad to say!

When I resided in Madrid, Spain, under the government of Dictator Francisco Franco … at a big apartmenthouse, and sitting one day at my table with open windows, I was flabergasted to suddenly hear over the courtyard from another family’s open window how a Spanish news speaker referred in loud voice to "The Christian Science Monitor”, and citing in Spanish what the Monitor had written on a certain subject of interest at the time! I never forgot that incident! I was so proud to hear the Monitor mentioned favourably - hear and believe! - on Franco’s Spanish Radio!!

Ever since my husband and I got married in 1962, we have been subscribing to the Christian Science Monitor, World Edition, on a regular basis. And we are very grateful for this World Edition, because living in foreign countries, one also has to read local news. And we can of course not stay reading all day diverse newpapers!

We greatly appreciate the Monitor’s in-depth articles on diverse subjects, as well as reading the Monitor’s "Headline News” we get from Headquarters per e-mail, offering us a welcome shortcut through the daily Monitor."

– Lisa Ammann-Irminger (Switzerland)

"I started to subscribe to the Christian Science Monitor in the early ’60s, and have always found it is without bias. Big plus! Also these days I love the Back Page. Well, when I think about it from the front page to the Back Page! Friends in USA said they had never read anything about Mrs. Gates, and the Monitor story was just great, The recent article on Mrs. Obama is great too, because there is no sensationalism or scandal. Just clear, non-critical commentary. Keep up the good work editors and journalists. I hope to be subscribing for many years to come!"

– Margaret Perrin

"I became a fan of the Monitor while persuing my graduate studies in the U.S. between 1967 -1970. It became quite clear that the Monitor had no ax to grind when reporting events. My admiration for the newspaper continues till this day."

– Hasan Masood Mirza (Pakistan)

"Christian Science Monitor is all for me. It brings to me a kind of peace and inspiration that not any daily gives me. Its pollen of peace and inspiration spread through out the world will lead it surely to the glorious future."

– Parfait Mabela

"I have grown up with the Monitor as it was in our home for many years. I enjoy the many articles on travel, science, recipies and expecially the way the Monitor reports the news. For all the sad news there is always an article that will balance out with a positive story. Thank you for all you do."

– Jaren Miner

"The Monitor gives me the assurance that, however bleak the world scene appears, the Christ is always at work in the lives and achievements of inspired individuals - whether it’s a Pakistani couple rescuing abandoned babies, a Rwandan woman employing her husband’s killer or Israeli and Palestian young people working to establish mutual trust - to mention just a few of the many items we read about from parts of the globe largely ignored by the press in UK. I value the thoughtful, unbiassed analyses of challenging political situations facing people around the world. The articles on the two last pages are great, too - informative but also amusing and always heart-warming. I cannot imagine my week without my copy of the World edition."

– Janet Durup

"For many years, I have been amazed each day at the insight, perspective and coverage of the Monitor. To me, your terrific work is more than just a newspaper — it’s a trustworthy companion for life. Thank you very much!!"

– Brad

"CSM always gives a positive message in my everyday life here! I am more than just a blessed! Bravo CSM!"

– Frederick Eliezer Gaghauna

"Y’all are the best. Thank you, thank you, thank you. When I was living in a country very foreign to me, raising two babies with my husband traveling on business about 80% of the time, the Monitor kept me sane. At moments when I thought catching up on laundry was about as exciting as life was going to get, the Monitor would arrive. It helped me lift my head up and see that there was a big world out there that needed my prayers. It motivated me to set aside time to pray specifically about world issues - not just for myself and my family. Bless you, and on to the next 100 years!"

– Laurie M. Scott

"The greatest compliment for a newspaper, in my opinion, is that I have been reading The Christian Science Monitor for ten years, and, despite the fact that I have searched thoroughly, I still can’t discover any bias in its reporting. The Monitor is a great paper, and I am thrilled to be a subscriber."

– Robert

During the past 70 years I’ve read many newspapers, and worked for three or four. The Monitor is the only one I’ve read across that entire span, beginning when I was a teenager and the Monitor was a young adult. Its mission and integrity are ageless.

– Arthur Wall

"As editor of my high school paper and a strong interest journalism, I listened to our teacher praise The Christian Science Monitor as the best model for newspapers and all the reasons why. And what a great coincidence, in my senior year, I accepted a proposal from a Christian Scientist.

What a privilege to have been a subscriber these years later (taking 3 subscriptions) - even good friends with a career Monitor friend, Norm Matheny & his dear wife, Karen.

What a joy it is to share this paper! Karen & I visited Chestnut Hill last month, and we both were humbled - reminded that here in her last two years with us she founded this precious paper.

Thrilled with the Boston Globe article on the Monitor, & how wonderful it is to have this contact with you.!

And how important it is for our church family to support Mrs. Eddy’s paper for us - and - so important - our global community. Lovingly, w/gratitude!!”

– Byrna Jean Tobey

"People ask me all the time what my dad would think about today’s CSM. I always say what I truly believe - I think he would be very proud of it. He had to make a lot of changes while he was in charge, so he would relate to what has been done since his regime! I smiled at the part about people working long hours - I can recall him leaving Waban on the 7:11 AM train, and coming home on the 5:02! And because for his first few years, there was a once-a-week Saturday rotogravure magazine, he always worked half a day on Saturdays… I used to take the train in and meet him at noon, and come home with him on those days… I do have to comment, however, that I think he would probably have written another book - one which continued "Commitment to Freedom” and finished the second 50 years!

Anyway - cheers to you all, and I think all the neat stuff on the internet is really terrific!”

– Carolyn Dain (nee Canham)

"As a UK citizen, I used to subscribe to the daily and then weekly edition of The Christian Science Monitor. It really disappointed me when the daily was withdrawn from overseas distribution. However, I now read The Monitor on-line and it is just great! As a member of the Christian Science Church, I was amazed to discover the reputation this newspaper had achieved. Just as a little example; several years ago when I was on a train journey in SE England several American war veterans got on the train. I had been reading The Monitor and within minutes I heard them discussing it and then one of them started speaking to me. He said that he used to read it back in the 50’s and that he thought it had stopped publishing!! In those days he could buy it from newspaper stands. It was obvious to him that it was still alive and well. Each of the veterans in turn then proceeded to tell me how much they appreciated The Monitor, how it was a must read and quality journalism at its best. None of them were Christian Scientists! They were all members of the public who recognised the values that this newspaper stood for. These values haven’t disappeared from The Monitor; they are as strong as ever and are more needed today to combat the "yellow” journalism of our times. "

– Bill Fleming

"The Christian Science Monitor always reminds me that it is the good in the world that unites the human family. Thank you for accentuating the positive!”

– Jobina Townshend-Zellner

"As I have heard other persons also comment, The Christian Science Monitor is ever a trusted, wonderful companion. And, it has served that role in our family. I heavily depend on my husband sharing with me the articles of great interest he has found, when my reading time has skimpy. Of course, once reading those stories, numerous other items also catch my eye. What a blessed, broadly perceptive witness on the world! The journalist’s own experiences enliven the reports as well. The regularly-updated, topic-specific articles daily on my Monitor home page on the Internet are a wonderful gift. But, now with having to let the Friday print endition also go for a bit, I really would like to pay fairly my share, get a bit more coverage, but not be tempted with the entire treeless edition while getting to items of major interest. Oh, how you have spoiled me with personal-interest-driven content!”

– Barb Prater