Shrek fish: Japan's aquatic ogre

Shrek fish? A huge fish that resembles the animated character is discovered off the coast of Japan.

YouTube screengrab
This Asian Sheepshead Wrasse has been nicknamed the 'Shrek' fish, for resembling the animated character.

Is that Shrek? No.

The 'Shrek' fish was recently discovered by scuba divers and is actually called an Asian Sheepshead Wrasse, which is commonly seen off the Japanese coast.

According to MSNBC, the fish is common in Japan. But what is not so common is the fish's face, which seems to resemble a certain animated green ogre. The male fish is believed to be 30-years-old.

Pinkish-grey with large, swelling-like protrusions on its forehead and chin, the 'Shrek' fish may be unique, but perhaps not as scary as the blobfish.

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