Footlong cheeseburger: Why couldn't they make it bigger?

Footlong-cheeseburger enthusiasts have a new option: Carl's Jr. The footlong cheeseburger is being tested at the chain's Santa Ana, Calif., locations.

Phelan M. Ebenhack/AP
Carl's Jr.'s Footlong Cheeseburger is the newest giant sandwich in the fast food world. Here, a man takes a bit of Burger King's Whopper in March 2009 in Orlando, Fla.

It's the American dream after all. Bigger and better, and bigger still. Who knew there was a whole world beyond KFC's Double Down, which consists of two fried pieces of chicken sandwiched together with cheese and bacon?

Apparently the footlong cheeseburger.

Earlier this month, Sonic released their Footlong Quarter Pound Coney, a 12-inch hotdog with chili and cheese that can be yours for $3. Not to be outdone by either KFC's mondo sandwich, Sonic's weiner, or iHop's cheesecake-stacked pancake, Carl's Jr. restaurant is testing the Footlong Cheeseburger.

IN PICTURES: Mmmmmmmmm... That's a lot of meat!

Excuse us if we are underwhelmed.

Foodbeast, who tasted Carl Jr.'s creation, said, "it’s basically just a few patties and ingredients mimicking a sub sandwich. The dough on the bread seems a little off, but the execution of the entire sandwich still remains interesting."

It's called a cheesburger sub, people. And it's nothing new.

Boston-area restaurant, Moogy's, has been making their cheeseburger sub for years. And by the way, it's 13 inches long – a baker's foot, if you will.

The Footlong Cheeseburger really just like Burger King's Triple Whopper, just enlogated.

Wouldn't you want a greater concentration of meat and cheese, rather than having it spread out over a foot? And when you're eating over a grand of calories in a sandwich, do you really need those extra carbs that come with a footlong piece of bread?

We didn't think so.

Stick with the good old giant sandwiches, your fressers, multiple patty burgers, triple-stacked PB&Js, or grilled cheeses. Chances are you'll get a lot more for your money.

Carl's Jr. Footlong Cheeseburger comes in a "Deluxe" version, which means for an extra 50 cents, you can add onions, lettuce and tomatoes - $4.50 for a sandwhich that "seems a little off?" Fine, Thanks.

IN PICTURES: Mmmmmmmmm... That's a lot of meat!

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