Octopus Paul rescues fellow octopi from the menu

Octopus Paul predicts Spain's victory, jubilant Spanish chef José Andrés takes octopus off all his menus

Volker Hartmann/AP
Octopus Paul swims in his tank at Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany, on June 25.

Paul the Octopus has not only correctly predicted all of Germany's World Cup matches this year, he has also saved many of his fellow octopi from winding up as meals. Spain's famous chef, José Andrés, will feature a menu sans octopus until further notice in honor of the mollusk's alleged psychic prowess.

Paul the Octopus blew it for the Germans by picking Spain to win their semifinal World Cup match. Spain won by a score of 1-0, booting Germany out of the tournament. Paul's pick against his homeland earlier in the week was reported worldwide, making "Paul the Octopus" a household name.

But Paul has used his celebrity differently than say, Lindsay Lohan.

IN PICTURES: Paul the Octopus predicts World Cup outcomes

Andrés tweeted on July 7, "If Spain wins today octopus is out of all my menus!"

The Spanish chef's sudden compassion in celebration of his country's victory stands in stark contrast to Argentina's wrath after Paul predicted their quarterfinal loss to Germany.

After the match between Argentina and Germany, paella-tinged death threats rolled in from the South American nation, the Telegraph reported.

El Dia, Argentina's newspaper, said that, "All you need is four normal potatoes, olive oil for taste, and a little pepper," should you want to capture and make a meal of Paul. Argentinean chef Nicolas Bedorrou also described on Facebook, in somewhat graphic detail, how he would like to kill and cook Paul.

Will chefs Bedorrou and Andrés throw down over the fate of Paul's cephalopod brethren?

And what of the Germans? After Paul's prediction on July 6, death threats and recipes from Paul's own countrymen were sent to his owner. Now that his prediction has proven true and Paul's World Cup 2010 picks remain 100% accurate, the AP reported that most Germans are now thinking about Paul fried in garlic butter.

While we doubt that World War III will be started over whether or not to continue eating octopus, Paul's keeper, Oliver Walenciak, has always been protective. "There are always people who want to eat our octopus but he is not shy and we are here to protect him as well. He will survive," Walenciak told the Telegraph.

Paul is no doubt looking forward to his next mussel. The eight-limbed oracle will predict the winner of the 3rd place match between Germany and Uruguay on Friday morning, and will also make his pick for the 2010 World Cup Champions. Paul will choose either the Netherlands or Spain to win in the final match on Sunday.

We'd hate for Andrés to have a reason to retract his tweet and put octopus back on his menu, so...Viva España!

IN PICTURES: Paul the Octopus predicts World Cup outcomes


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