Move over blobfish, the fangtooth is scarier

The fangtooth has a face not even a mother could love. It makes the blobfish look like Disney's next Nemo.

The common fangtooth, Anoplogaster cornuta, is a deep sea fish like the blobfish, but has some of the largest teeth in the ocean.
The aptly-named blobfish is now in danger of being wiped out. The bloated bottom dweller, which can grow up to 12 inches, lives at depths of up to 2,700 feet.

Last week a Chicago Tribune columnist opined that the "blobfish" is scarier than the Asian carp because of its potential to swim up rivers and ooze from your shower head.

No doubt that's frightening. But scarier than the fangtooth?

Blobfish? Pshah!

At least the blobfish has a human face. It's actually quite cuddly compared to the common fangtooth.

This one (photo above) looks like it could devour a goat in less than a minute. Maybe it could -- if it could find a goat. But where it lives, no goats roam. The fangtooth lives deep in the ocean depths. And it's got the largest teeth of any ocean fish proportionate to its size.

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The front two fangs are so large that to close its jaws the fish has sockets for the teeth in the roof of its mouth.

Okay, so the fangtooth does only grow to be about six inches. But these guys, like piranhas, can travel in schools. Think packs of dracula fish.

Tempting fate?

Adult fangtooths typically feed on fish and are harmless to humans. So are sharks, relatively speaking.

Sharks sometimes confuse humans as prey, thinking our bodies look like a ready-made seal dinner. Who's to say the fangtooth won't confuse a human foot kicking gracefully for some sort of fish?

Well, you'd have to be a real deep swimmer. Fangtooths live in the pitch black dark of the ocean, about 3,000 feet to 16,000 feet down.

According to Extreme Science, 'They don't have any special lights or lures like the viper fish, so they move about 'blindly' in the darkness of the deep sea, basically grabbing onto whatever they run into in the dark - even if it's bigger than they are!'

As Marlin from 'Finding Nemo' said, 'Good feelings gone.'

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