10 cool science gifts (for every age and budget)

Looking for Christmas gifts for a science-lover? These science gifts entertain adults, educate children, and bring a smile to the Einstein in your life  – just choose your budget.

1. Under $20

For kids: Frightened Grasshopper, $7.98


This cute grasshopper is a solar-powered insect from OWI Inc. The bug’s solar panel generates electricity that runs its tiny motor. Spend some time in the sun and this insect will come to life in jittery fits of “fright,” teaching children about the power of alternative energy. OWI also has a “happy hopping” solar frog for kids who are more interested in amphibians.

For adults: "I'm Good with Math" Mug, $17.95


We don’t mean to insinuate that all math-minded people can’t spell, but for those engineers who truly can’t, let this mug handle it. Know a math whiz who can spell? Zazzle has other clever mugs, including one with the classic √-1 2³ Σ π phrase (translation: “I Ate Some Pie”). Computer scientists should find a laugh in the mug with the catchphrase, “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.” The line is more of an inside joke for programmers, so ask your geeky friends to explain…then get them the mug.

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