May the fourth be with you: 5 Star Wars technologies that are becoming a reality

May the fourth be with you! The Star Wars saga was set in a galaxy, far, far away, but many of the fantastic technologies on display in the films could soon be coming to a planet near you.

1. 'Help me Obi-Wan. You're my only hope.'

YouTube screen grab

On election night 2008, CNN's Jessica Yellin temporarily transformed into Princess Leia, minus the hair buns. Standing in a specially designed tent in Chicago, Yellin, ringed by 35 high-def cameras, had a 3-D image of her body beamed to CNN headquarters in New York.

Despite what Wolf Blitzer says, it's not a true hologram. The image was not actually projected onto the floor of the CNN; it was inserted into the video feed. So in the video you see, Blitzer is actually speaking to an empty space.

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