One Laptop Per Child program's new goal: One Tablet Computer Per Child

The One Laptop Per Child program, which developed the XO laptop, plans to develop an inexpensive tablet computer for developing countries.

Courtesy of Tom‡s Pantin
Dubbed the "$100 laptop," the XO laptop is intended for children in developing countries. The One Laptop Per Child initiative now plans to produce a tablet computer.

One Laptop Per Child says the next version of its computer for kids in developing countries will be a tablet, not a laptop. The tablets are being designed by chipmaker Marvell. They'll have large multi-touch screens, a video camera, Wi-Fi Internet connections and enough power to play high-def video.

New Price: OLPC's XO laptop was dreamed up as the "$100 laptop," but it sells for twice as much. The tablet gives the organization a chance to finally sell a device for less than $100.

New Plan: Marvell will market the tablet widely, starting with schools and healthcare institutions, pushing up the number produced to drive costs down.

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