Stephen Hawking book 'The Grand Design' out in September

Stephen Hawking hasn't had a major new work in nearly a decade. This September he'll release 'The Grand Design.'

Stephen Hawking made a rare public appearance earlier this month on opening night of The World Science Festival at Alice Tully Hall, New York.

British physicist Stephen Hawking has co-authored a book that's due out in September.

Bantam Dell said Monday that "The Grand Design" will be published on Sept. 7.

The publisher said it's Hawking's first major new work in nearly a decade. His previous books include "A Brief History of Time."

Hawking's co-author is another physicist, Leonard Mlodinow. He teaches at California Institute of Technology, and previously wrote "The Drunkard's Walk."

In "The Grand Design," they examine evidence of "a unified theory" that can "describe and explain all the forces of nature."


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