Toronto G20 summit: car with extra gas and weapons found; arrest made

Toronto G20 summit is the scene where a car, laden with gas cannisters and weapons inside, was found near the summit site.

Toronto G20 summit security is put to the test Thursday. Canadian police inspect the area after they arrested the driver of a car laden with five gas canisters, a chain-saw and a home-made crossbow close to the Toronto center where G20 leaders will meet.

Police say they've made an arrest after searching a car and finding containers of gasoline and weapons near the G-20 summit site.

Police spokeswoman Nathalie Deschenes said Thursday there was an array of unspecified weapons in the car. A police hazardous unit is going through the car.

A chain saw and a cross bow were seen next to the car after police pulled it over. Police flagged the Hyundai Elantra after deeming it suspicious.

A large makeshift container was strapped to the roof of the car.

The car was pulled over a few blocks from where world leaders will meet, but not within the security perimeter. It was stopped near a hotel where the French delegation is staying. Workers at the hotel had walked off the job Thursday as part of a labor dispute.

Toronto's downtown core resembles a fortress with thousands of police. A big steel and concrete fence surrounds several blocks around the summit site.


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