Abby Sunderland reality show will not happen says Sunderland family

Abby Sunderland will not appear in a reality TV show based on the family of the teen sailor. The family of Abby Sunderland said there are no plans for such a show.

Abby Sunderland will appear in a new reality TV show called "Adventures in Sunderland."

A spokesman for the family of the California girl who was rescued from the Indian Ocean while trying to sail around the world says the family has no current plans for a reality TV show.

Jeff Casher says he spoke with Abby Sunderland's father Monday and Laurence Sunderland says such a show was discussed last year when her brother Zac sailed around the world, but it never came about.

Magnetic Entertainment lists plans for the show on its website. Officials from the company didn't return calls Monday.

The New York Post reported Monday that Laurence Sunderland signed a contract for a show weeks after his daughter set sail.

Casher says Abby Sunderland brought cameras on her voyage. The 16-year-old started sending an emergency signal from her storm-battered boat Thursday. She was rescued two days later.


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