Minnesota urges drivers to brake for turtles

Minnesota's state Department of Natural Resources is urging drivers to slow down for crossing turtles.

Minnesotans probably aren't going to see these turtles on the road. These rare albino turtles have been donated to an aquarium. The pair are were amongst four mutant albino turtles to go on display at the Blue Reed Aquarium in Southsea, Hamps.

Why did the turtle cross the road?

Minnesota wildlife managers say it's because turtles are trying to get from their winter homes to their warm-weather nesting areas. And the state Department of Natural Resources is urging drivers in Minnesota to give turtles a brake.

Carol Hall, an agency specialist in amphibians, says many turtles are killed on roads each year, especially during the nesting season.

The agency says drivers who see a turtle on the road should slow down and go around it. The department also says it's best to let turtles cross unassisted. If it's necessary to help, the department says to move them in as direct a line as safely possible.

Minnesota has nine turtle species, some of which are protected.

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