Google world dominance? Google says Android smartphones gain momentum

Google says 100,000 Android phones are being activated every day and it's app library now boasts over 50,000 titles.

Attendees await the beginning of the unveiling of Google's Nexus One Android smartphone at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Google said more than 100,000 smartphones running on its Android mobile operating system are now activated daily and its library of applications has grown to 50,000, underscoring rapid adoption of the devices.

The Internet search and advertising leader said on Thursday that searches on its mobile Internet search engine have quintupled in just the past two years.

At its annual developer's conference, Google executives outlined how the Android -- an operating system introduced last year in competition with Apple Corp's and Palm PALM.O> -- is gaining traction in the intensely competitive market.

Later on Thursday, Google, Intel Corp and Sony Corp announced a joint effort to develop Web-connected televisions for households.

The tie-up may extend Google and Intel's reach beyond the personal computer and into the roughly $70 billion television broadcasting ad market. Sony, whose erstwhile dominance in consumer electronics has been eroded by the likes of Samsung, could beat rivals to a potentially new generation of devices.

The multi-pronged effort will mark the latest attempt to bring the Internet to the living room, a vision that has attracted and challenged virtually every major player in the technology and consumer electronics industry for years, from Apple to Microsoft.


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