Woman saves stranded ducklings, gets $100 fine

A driver in New Hampshire saved a group of stranded ducklings, but got a $100 ticket for stopping in a highway median. The stranded ducklings were taken to a wildlife rescue in Maine.

Raya Zimmerman/The St. Paul Pioneer Press/AP/File
A mother duck is shown with her 12 ducklings in St. Paul, Minn., in this file photo. A woman in New Hampshire was fined $100 for stopping in a highway median to save a group of stranded ducklings.

A New Hampshire woman who called police after stopping in a highway median to help some stranded ducklings plans to fight a $100 ticket.

Hallie Bibeau of Newfields tells WMUR-TV she was driving east on Route 101 on Friday when she had to slam on her brakes to avoid hitting the ducklings. She says their mother and several of the ducklings were hit by a car. The mother died.

The 33-year-old Bibeau called 911, got out of her car and captured the two surviving ducklings.

A state trooper issued Bibeau a ticket for stopping in the median. Police say median stops are for emergencies, and they didn't consider this to be one.

Officials say the ducklings were taken to a wildlife rescue in Maine, where one of them died.

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