Pudu deer is world's smallest (and cutest?) deer

Pudu deer, the world's smallest species of deer, has been born in New York, according to wildlife officials. The newborn pudu deer is part of an endangered species native to Chile and Argentina. 

Julie Larsen Maher/Wildlife Conservation Society/AP
A newborn Southern pudu deer, native to Chile and Argentina, a member of the world's smallest deer species, was born at the Queens Zoo last month in New York. The doe weighed 1 pound at birth.

Wildlife officials say a member of the world's smallest deerspecies has been born at a New York City zoo.

The doe weighed 1 pound (0.45 kilogram) when it was born last month at the Queens Zoo.

The fawn is part of an endangered species called the Southern pudu that's native to Chile and Argentina. They bark when they sense danger and they're good jumpers, sprinters and climbers.

Scientists from The Wildlife Conservation Society that runs the zoo are working to help preserve the deer's native South American habitats.

New York's tiny baby deer is still nursing but will soon transition to eating fresh leaves, grain and kale.

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