Arizona pair swaps houses to save gas

Julie Lazzarra traded homes with her dad so that the two could enjoy shorter commutes.

AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin
A gas pump in Green Valley, Ariz., where diesel fuel was selling for $4.99 a gallon on Thursday, June 19.

Julie Lazzarra used to spend 2-1/2-hours each day commuting from her home in Chandler, Ariz., to her job in North Scottsdale, 30 miles away. With skyrocketing gas prices, the drive was costing her a lot of money.

Her father, Joe Lazzarra, had the same problem, commuting from his home in North Scottsdale to his barbershop in Chandler.

The solution? They switched houses. Julie moved to Scottsdale and her parents moved to Chandler.

KPHO, Phoenix's CBS affiliate, has the story here.

I wonder if we'll see more of these kinds of stories, as gas prices rise and more people seek to live near where they work. Some smart entrepreneur could set up a website to help potential house swappers find each other, and handle the legalities of exchanging mortgages.

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