Stuff you don't need

An RV with a built-in garage.


So in my previous three installments of Stuff You Don't Need, I've written about the gasoline-powered blender, fake plastic wishbones that you break and then discard, and bottled water for dogs.

Varied as these items may be, they all share certain traits. Namely, they: 1) are mass-produced; 2) are affordable by most Americans; 3) generate waste; and 4) seek to solve a problem that you probably didn't know you even had.

Today's Thing You Don't Need breaks from the first two criteria. This one is custom-made, and it will set you back several hundred thousand dollars. But it more than makes up for this deviation, for it generates so much waste that it makes the gas-powered blender look like a beeswax candle. And if there were a Nobel Prize for Being Completely Unnecessary, the makers of this thing would be on a first-name basis with the King of Sweden.

People, I present to you the RV with a built-in garage.

Now keep in mind that this is no ordinary RV with a built-in garage. This is a luxury RV with a built-in garage. Check out the spacious rec room and well-appointed bathroom. Marble countertops! Leather upholstery!

Perhaps surprisingly, this isn't an American vehicle. It's made by a German company called Volkner Mobil, which actually makes several versions of a car-carrying RV. The company's website is a little short on details, so I wasn't able to determine how many miles per gallon this thing gets, how much it weighs, or how funny it would be to watch its driver try to parallel park.

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