Han Solo finds new definition of pain and suffering

AP Photo/20th Century Fox

Next time you see a fallen tree, think of Harrison Ford's chest hair.

In a public service announcement for the global environment group Conservation International, the actor and longtime environmentalist had his chest waxed, in an effort to call attention to deforestation.

"Access Holywood" has a behind-the-scenes video of the procedure, which unfortunately does not include the actor saying, "Laugh it up, fuzzball."

The PSA is part of Conservation International's campaign to highlight how deforestation contributes to climate change. According to the United Nations Environment Programme, trees are responsible for storing 50 percent more of the carbon than is in the atmosphere. Each year, an area the size of Greece is deforested, with most of the loss occurring in Africa and South America.

Ford, who is perhaps best known for his portrayal of the Millennium Falcon's second-hairiest crewmember, has served on the board of Conservation International for 15 years. His efforts to save the planet have earned him a Jules Verne Spirit of Nature Award and a species of Central American ant, Pheidole harrisonfordi, named in his honor by E.O. Wilson.

[Via Grist]

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