Apple Inc. vs. the Big Apple

It looks like some lawyers will be spending the rest of the year comparing apples to apples.

On Thursday, Apple Inc. mounted a legal challenge to the logo trademark application of GreeNYC, New York City's campaign to cut carbon emissions by 30 percent by 2030. Apple Inc. and the Big Apple both used stylized apples in their emblems; Apple argues that the two images are similar enough to create confusion among shoppers.

I'd hate to see anyone accidentally confuse a computer company with a major metropolis, so, as a public service, I'm providing this guide to help you tell the difference.

New York City Apple Inc. Stolen from Native Americans in 1624 Stolen from Xerox in 1979 Shocked the world by electing a mayor from Boston Shocked the world by installing a chip from Intel Home to JFK and LaGuardia Home to Airport Extreme and Airport Express Can be reached via Rte. 95 and the Lincoln and Holland tunnels Operating system is impenetrable Produced the overhyped disaster that was the '04 Yankees Produced the overhyped disaster that was the G4 Cube

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