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  • Energy Voices Obama wants to clean up Washington ... energy

    President Obama has ordered federal agencies to rely on clean energy for 20 percent of its energy use by 2020, nearly triple its current level of renewable consumption. Mr. Obama's directive is no small order: The federal government is the country's largest energy consumer and spends billions on fuel each year. 

  • Energy Voices Tesla Motors batteries aren't just for electric cars anymore

    Tesla Motors has teamed with SolarCity on a solar-powered battery system for businesses. By bundling SolarCity solar panels with Tesla Motors batteries, the companies aim to offer businesses onsite electricity during power outages or peak demand when energy is expensive.

  • Florida bear attack injures woman walking dog

    Florida bear attack leaves a woman injured but alive in central Florida. The Florida bear attack came Monday evening as the woman was walking her dog in the Orlando suburb of Longwood.

  • Energy Voices Greece OKs major natural gas pipeline to Europe

    The Trans-Adriatic Pipeline, which will carry natural gas from the resource-rich Caspian basin in Azerbaijan to Western Europe, cleared an important hurdle this week. The Greek Parliament voted to grant the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline access through Greek territory.

  • Energy Voices OPEC holds steady on oil despite big changes in energy

    OPEC will keep its current oil production levels despite a rapidly changing global energy market. But with a shale revolution in the US, production booming in Saudi Arabia, and Iran hoping for a return to market, OPEC may eventually have to shift strategy.

  • When global warming kicks into overdrive, how will we know?

    A government panel suggests the creation of an early-warning system to track when global warming is threatening abrupt changes that could threaten ecosystems or political stability.

  • Energy Voices Is energy dragging Europe down?

    Energy, not low birthrates or social-safety networks, is what is dragging Europe down, according to speakers at an energy conference in the capital of Slovakia. A patchwork of contradictions, counterproductive regulations, political fiats and multiple objectives leave Europeans paying more for energy.

  • Maui shark attack is 13th this year in Hawaii

    Maui shark attack is the eighth this year near Maui and the 13th shark attack statewide. With the latest Maui shark attack, officials are unsure as to why the incidents are occurring more frequently than usual.

  • Energy Voices Behind the scenes at Canada's oil sands

    Energy analyst Robert Rapier recounts a tour of Canada's Athabasca oil sands and explains the controversial method for producing oil from the oil sands.

  • Energy Voices One small step for solar? Firm envisions solar panels on moon.

    Japanese engineers have drawn up plans to install a belt of solar panels around the moon's equator that would collect energy from the sun and beam it back to Earth in the form of microwaves and lasers. It may sound far fetched, but Japan isn't the only country exploring the potential for a solar industry in space.

  • Energy Voices After nuclear deal, Iran angles for return to oil market

    An accord on Iran's nuclear program opens the door for the Islamic Republic's return to prominence in the global oil market. Iranian officials are already on the hunt for regional partners and western investors to help rebuild an energy industry decimated by international sanctions. 

  • Sedalia explosion: Gas pipeline ruptures in Missouri

    Sedalia explosion: A 30-inch natural gas pipeline rupture caused an explosion north of Sedalia, Mo., Thursday night. The fire caused by the explosion could be seen 12 miles away.

  • Oil prices fall after Iran nuclear deal

    Oil prices dropped below $94 a barrel Monday as Iran reached a deal with six world powers on the country's nuclear program. The agreement dropped oil prices 92 cents to $93.92 in midday trading in New York. 

  • Eagle deaths: Unprecedented $1 million fine for Wyoming wind farms

    Eagle deaths lead to Duke Energy Corp. paying $1 million for birds killed at two Wyoming wind farms. It was the first time a US wind energy company had been successfully prosecuted for the deaths of eagles or other protected birds.

  • Explosion of gas tanks injures five in Wyoming

    Wyoming gas tanks explosion is under investigation as federal investigators head to scene. Contract workers were welding in Wyoming gas field at the time of the explosion of five gas tanks. 

  • Melissa Bachman's African lion hunt draws anger

    The public is in uproar over photos of TV personality Melissa Bachman posing with a hunted lion carcass. The backlash comes right as the US considers whether to list the African lion as an endangered species. 

  • Hydrogen fuel cars in showrooms starting 2014

    Hydrogen fuel cars will be offered by Hyundai, Honda, and Toyota, starting as early as next spring. Hydrogen fuel cars cause no air pollution and can be refueled like gasoline-powered cars, but fueling stations are scarce.

  • Tesla battery fires get NHTSA probe

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened an investigation into battery fires in Tesla Model S electric cars. The Tesla fires broke out in two of the cars in the U.S. after the undercarriage hit metal road debris. 

  • Elk euthanized for being too people-friendly

    Elk euthanized after video of playful head-butting with photographer goes viral. Officials at Great Smokies National Park said elk was euthanized because he was a threat to people.

  • UN climate chief gives coal CEOs verbal smackdown

    The U.N.'s chief climate diplomat told coal industry CEOs they need to curb CO2 emissions that cause global warming. She said high-polluting coal plants must be closed and new plants should use technology that trap emissions.