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The price of integrity

Mark Lennihan/AP
A woman stopped to give money to a homeless woman on Wall Street in New York.
David Clark Scott
Audience Engagement Editor

Here are three true stories that might just challenge your assumptions about the homeless and integrity.

A year ago, Elmer Alvarez found a $10,000 check. He didn’t try to cash it, he searched for its owner and found her. In gratitude, New Haven, Conn., real estate broker Roberta Hoskie put a roof over his head for seven months and put him through real estate school.

When Kevin Booth found $17,000 in cash in a paper bag outside a food bank in Sumner, Wash., he didn’t pocket the cash. The homeless man turned it in. Police investigated, found no evidence of a crime and no one claimed it. The money was given to the food bank last month. After Mr. Booth was praised by police for his honesty, a GoFundMe campaign collected more than $14,000 for him.

In Milan, Italy, a vlogger who stages “Candid Camera”-style ethics tests, dressed as a homeless man in a park. After people walked by, he ran after them saying he’d just found a €20 bill on the ground. Was it theirs? The final honesty score: 11 took the bill, only five said the bill wasn’t theirs.

Would you pass that integrity test? Is your honesty worth €20 or $10,000?

Mr. Alvarez, the man who returned the $10,000 check, recently told CBS News that just because a person is without a home, it doesn't mean they're without character.

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This article appeared in the January 08, 2019 edition of the Monitor Daily.

Read 01/08 edition
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