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  • The Chicago teachers strike in an era of accountability

    The Chicago teachers strike isn't only about pay and work hours. The union also opposes merit pay and stricter evaluation of teachers. The strike's outcome will influence the future of a national movement for accountability of public school teachers.

  • Asia must shed myth of limited good

    This year's summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum comes as Asia faces pressure to revert to an old notion that prosperity and power only come at the expense of others. This dynamic region should resist such myths.

  • Integrity and the Harvard cheating scandal

    Harvard University's investigation of alleged mass cheating in one class points to the difficulty of schools teaching integrity to students. Rules, honor codes, and courses on ethics can help. But much depends on individual character.

  • Why trust eludes GOP, Democrats at political conventions

    Repeated disregard of the facts – and fact-checkers – forces voters to arm themselves by searching out the truth about candidates.

  • A food price spike that needn't be

    The UN warns of a global spike in food prices, caused in large part by drought, that could lead to riots like those four years ago. Big grain exporters need to rethink their policies, especially in the US with its mandate on ethanol for fuel.

  • Obama and Democratic National Convention must clarify on Iran

    Obama plans to play up his foreign policy at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. With Romney's tougher stance on Iran and its nuclear program, Obama must help voters have a clear choice.

  • Egypt's call for 'ethical duty' in Syria

    The Middle East is truly a new place when an elected Muslim leader of Egypt speaks out in Iran on the need for the world to help free Syria. Such moral stands can have real results.

  • How GOP, Democratic conventions can really educate voters

    Mitt Romney and Barack Obama try to compete on 'creating jobs.' But millions of good jobs go begging. Why? Workers need higher education. That's the better issue to debate.

  • For those in path of hurricane Isaac, a lesson from Irene

    A year ago, Vermont was hit hard by floods from hurricane Irene. For those facing hurricane Isaac, the strong community spirit of Vermonters can serve as a lesson in how to respond and to recover.

  • Neil Armstrong: A giant leap for modesty

    The humility of Neil Armstrong after his moonwalk is a model for a balanced approach to giving credit for great achievements.

  • Lessons of Lance Armstrong doping scandal

    The Lance Armstrong doping scandal, which means he will be stripped of his Tour de France awards, should push the anti-doping effort to a new level. Like the Penn State scandal, sports entities – and fans – must look at the culture of fame and money that drives many sports.

  • Obama-Romney debate can't avoid 'nation-building'

    Recent presidents campaigned against nation-building only to take it up as necessary for what defines America's ideals and strategic interests. Voters need to hear what Romney and Obama would do differently.

  • Misdeal on Internet poker gambling

    A federal court ruling that poker is mainly a game of skill and thus not gambling could steer Congress down the wrong path of approving Internet gaming.

  • The 'light' touch to curb urban killing

    Recent murders in cities like Boston that already have used new crime-fighting methods call for more individuals to put a caring light on gang crime in their communities.

  • Charity begins where?

    A study of giving by Americans shows the different amounts and the goals of their charity, as reflected to a degree in the giving by Romney and Obama. But the motives for giving are still a source of study.

  • Japan-China island clash: Peace in a common history

    The island clash between Japan and China, as well as other island disputes in East Asia, could be more easily resolved if neighbors shared a common view of history.

  • Romney, Obama must call a truce on nasty campaigning

    As mudslinging escalates, voters will use new digital tools to avoid campaign ads. Romney and Obama can agree to keep negativity in check.

  • Put a light on Europe's shadow economy

    The euro crisis stems in part from countries like Greece not collecting taxes on a sizeable 'shadow' economy. These off-the-book activities need to be brought into the light of legal, taxable commerce.

  • Egypt's Morsi puts military on right side of history

    The elected president, Mohamed Morsi, purged the top brass that had constrained his authority. With civilian rule asserted, Morsi's own Muslim Brotherhood must now also bend to popular will and not use the state to hold onto power.

  • How Paul Ryan pick by Romney can alter campaign

    Paul Ryan was picked by Romney in part for his bold reform plan for Medicare. The plan's key element is more choice in health care – a useful debating point for the presidential campaign.