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  • Europe and its attractive power win a key battle

    Ukraine’s bid to eventually join the European Union wins a critical vote, a victory in its war against Russia and for democratic values.

  • Does free, basic income build character?

    Social experiments in Ontario and Finland test the idea that a minimal guaranteed paycheck can uplift and sustain people’s livelihood. Such tests may provide insight on the source of ‘self-efficacious’ attributes of character.

  • A day for Africans to rise

    This year’s Africa Day was marked by a new movement that seeks to define liberation as starting within each African.

  • How Trump and Europe rebonded

    President Trump’s first official visit with EU and NATO leaders shows why the two alliances should be based on values more than interests.

  • Manchester’s lesson about fragile states

    The suicide bomber, who seemed like a lost young man, may have been trained by Islamic State in Libya, one of the world’s most fragile states. 

  • After the Manchester attack: How can Britain better engage its Muslims?

    Before the May 22 suicide bombing at a concert, Britain was already in a debate on how to prevent such attacks. That debate has lessons for the rest of the world.

  • Trump’s fresh approach to the Middle East

    By design, his first official trip abroad alights in the centers of three faiths, signaling hopes they can use their common roots to unite against terrorists and their supporters.

  • How Saudis claim freedom

    As President Trump visits Saudi Arabia, he can note how young people are eager to adopt independent thinking – a force driving much of the change in Saudi society.

  • Rising expectations of chief executives

    A higher percentage of company leaders are being fired for ethical lapses, but not necessarily because of more lapses but because of a greater public demand for honesty and accountability.

  • A peace accelerator in the Mideast desert

    The opening of the region’s first joint scientific research center brings together Israelis, Iranians, Palestinians, Turks, and others for work on a new particle accelerator. Sometimes peace starts through universal activities like science, arts, and sports.

  • A US spotlight on Syria’s slaughterhouse

    The Trump administration, after exposing the Syrian regime’s large-scale killings at Sednaya prison, must explain how it will balance the moral and national interests in Syria. 

  • We are all cyber stewards

    The latest global cyberattack known as the WannaCry was blunted by one person. Rather than cave in to fear of such threats, every Internet user can take more responsibility to protect cyberspace.

  • When fear of automation is too robotic

    Two studies on the impact of new technologies counter the pumped-up fear of automation. And while displaced workers do need help, most people are not afraid of robots and artificial intelligence.

  • The key lesson for picking a new FBI chief

    President Trump’s firing of FBI chief James Comey has touched a deep desire to restore rule of law. That desire for universal principles of justice must now guide the president and Senate in selecting a new FBI chief.

  • South Korea’s vote for a new business culture

    The victory for Moon Jae-in as president could be a victory over the notion of hereditary succession in Korea’s giant conglomerates.

  • Liberating students from a drinking culture

    The indictment of a Penn State fraternity after a student’s death from drinking should stir colleges to reframe the issue of alcohol use. Strong messaging and enforcement may not be enough. Students may respond less to fear and more to fulfilling opportunities.

  • France’s new president: a mender of trust in Europe

    The voter mandate for Emmanuel Macron places faith in fixing France as well as the torn identity of the European Union.

  • When conscience, not guns, decides a democracy

    As Venezuela’s peaceful protests grow, its security forces may be hard-pressed to use violence. With cracks appearing in the Maduro regime, soldiers or police may determine the country’s democratic future. 

  • Applause that drowns out hate speech

    Boston baseball fans countered an expression of hate toward a black ballplayer with an act of love – a standing ovation. Ending racial discrimination requires communities to be ‘normal.’ 

  • Talk with North Korea? Recent precedents help.

    President Trump’s hope for talks with North Korea could be based on recent cases of other adversaries that shifted away from violence and threats.