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  • At Iran nuclear talks, put trust on the table

    Talks resume Wednesday over the Iranian nuclear program, with the US and Iran still highly mistrustful of the other. Even if a pact is signed, implementing it will require some degree of trust. Better to start with some trust now.

  • Philippines can 'build back better'

    Mega-disasters like super typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines can be an opportunity for devastated communities to re-envision a different future, one built on resiliency to disaster and stronger community ties.

  • How rating colleges can challenge students

    As the Obama administration crafts a rating system for colleges, a study reveals how little students feel challenged by their professors. Ratings may help raise expectations in higher education.

  • Why US must help Afghanistan kick the heroin-trade habit

    Just as President Obama prepares to reduce the US role there, Afghanistan sees a big rise in opium cultivation. The US cannot leave the nation it invaded as a narco-state.

  • Black Friday's creep into Thanksgiving Day

    As more American stores open on Thanksgiving Day, or open earlier on that sacred holiday, they break a key limit on the commercialism of Christmas. If Thanksgiving is lost, Christmas might be, too.

  • A Philippines at the ready for typhoons

    As the toll mounts in the Philippines after super-typhoon Haiyan, the country can start to adapt better resiliency in preparation for its many natural disasters.

  • Congo and Colombia thread a peace needle

    Rebels groups in Congo and Colombia each declared this week they would lay down their arms. But the hard part now is deciding what punishment – or mercy – they deserve.

  • China's need for golden-rule economic reforms

    When China's Communist Party leaders meet Nov. 9-12, they are expected to adopt major economic reforms. One reason for hope: China is more dependent on the world. Economic nationalism must fade.

  • India's giant-leap mission to Mars

    India's launch on Tuesday of its first spacecraft to Mars might seem like a waste for a country so poor. Yet the mission speaks well of India's earthly concerns and universal dreams.

  • Supreme Court takes up public prayer

    In a case to be heard Wednesday, the Supreme Court will decide if judges can decide the types of prayers that can be spoken in a government setting. Given the private nature of prayer, and its powerful influence on individuals, the justices will likely bar courts from such government interference.

  • Red Cross lessons for Obamacare disputes

    As arguments revive over Obamacare (Affordable Care Act), the 150th anniversary of the International Committee of the Red Cross is a time to learn from a group that first championed nonpartisan, neutral respect for a universal right to health.

  • A US rebuke of Germany that jars

    In an unusual criticism of Germany's economic path, a US Treasury report goes against decades of cooperative consultation among friendly, wealthier nations to help drive global growth.

  • Leadership lapses in NSA spying, Obamacare rollout

    President Obama claims little or no foreknowledge of the NSA spying on allies or the 'debacle' of the new health-care law's website. Are there valuable lessons in leadership from this?

  • Why a UN victory in Africa marks a new day for peace

    In a precedent for peacemaking, UN-led forces helped pushed back a rebel group in Congo. The UN has now crossed another threshold in finding ways to protect innocent civilians.

  • US can still help Iraq find religious calm

    When President Obama welcomes Iraqi leader Nouri al-Maliki on Friday, he needs to link US military aid to reducing sectarian tensions and the sudden rise in mass killings this year.

  • NSA spying on allies: What must now change

    Revelations of alleged NSA spying on American allies such as Germany's Angela Merkel must lead to a change in how the security agencies view differences between people.

  • Germany calls Europe to attention

    As Europe's leaders meet, they face German pressure for each eurozone nation to steel itself for a 'stress test' of wobbly banks. National self-discipline, not more German bailouts, will help cement the EU's economic future.

  • Where Detroit isn't going bankrupt

    As a judge decides whether to let the city of Detroit go bankrupt, its residents, aided by money from many foundations, have reimagined a future based on their most valuable asset: each other.

  • Drone strikes that hit civilians: Time to rethink intelligence

    New reports about US drone strikes that kill civilians while aiming for terrorists must lead to a probe of how the military and CIA define 'intelligence' used by both drone operators and drones.

  • What Obama must do for Syria peace talks

    As he prepares for peace talks on Syria planned for November, President Obama can better help unite the anti-Assad, pro-freedom opposition with a clear vision of what the US supports.