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  • Obama's cold calculation on global warming

    Hundreds of existing coal-burning plants could be shut down under expected EPA rules aimed at curbing climate change. But such action must be accompanied by Obama appealing directly to people in coal-dependent states who would be making the big sacrifices.

  • Talking with the enemy: Obama, Taliban negotiate Afghanistan's future (+video)

    With the US and Taliban due to open talks, Obama's idea of negotiating an end to the Afghanistan war faces its big test. Fortunately, the Taliban will also be tested to face the new Afghan realities.

  • Brazil protests in a global trend

    The Brazil protests follow those in Turkey and India, all three developing countries with established democracies. While the sparks for the protests differ, the theme is the same: Fix democracy; don't replace it.

  • Iran election's surprise winner

    The unexpected victory of Hassan Rohani In Iran's presidential election confirms his hint that legitimacy lies with the people, not the turbaned cleric elite.

  • Father's Day: a role for everyone

    Father’s Day recognizes the importance of being a dad. Today 1 out of 3 children lives in a home with no father present on a regular basis. But anyone can lend a hand to kids without a dad in their lives.

  • Falling white birthrate: The new American ‘us’

    America's white majority is slipping away faster than ever, affecting issues from the immigration debate to the future of the economy.

  • More light on the NSA

    Some government actions must be clandestine. But US citizens are being told so little about government spying on them that they lack the information they need to have an informed opinion about it.

  • The US economy's hidden STEM jobs

    People with PhDs aren’t the only contributors to a high-tech economy. Lots of good jobs will exist for those with less than a bachelor's degree.

  • Getting the fix out of sports

    Sports in India, Europe, and the US all suffer from match-fixing. The corrupting influence is sports betting, a vice that shouldn't be further encouraged.

  • Obama helps nip pot legalization in Latin America. How about in US?

    President Obama helped prevent a move toward pot legalization by some Latin American leaders. But will he be as bold against Colorado, Washington state?

  • Spying on DNA, Verizon, and free will

    New technologies extend the reach of surveillance tools to not only DNA and Verizon calls but also emotions and brain waves. Will this lead to a denial of individuals having moral agency and autonomy of thought?

  • Why this China-US summit must succeed

    The June 7-8 summit between Barack Obama and Xi Jinping could help define a grand narrative of cooperation that belies predictions of inevitable China-US conflict.

  • Sex assault in the military: Victims need trust, care

    As Congress and the Pentagon rush reforms to curb sex assaults in the military, they must focus foremost on raising trust in military justice and in the care of victims. Only than will reporting rates rise.

  • In Turkey, peaceful protests in a declining democracy

    Peaceful protests in Turkey against the increasingly authoritarian rule of Erdogan's Islamic-based party are a needed corrective, not a revolution. They show a fearless, tweet-oiled, even leaderless uprising to save democracy.

  • 'Breakthrough' in Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

    In a surprise opportunity for peace, a few hundred business leaders in Israel and Palestinian areas join up to demand their governments make a deal. Unlike other grass-roots efforts, this one has both clout and the courage of conscience.

  • Americans see religion in decline yet want more of it. What's up with that?

    A Gallup poll shows people see less religious influence today, but they also say America would be better with more religion. Such attitudes reflect the social times more than personal faith. They also point to religion's endurance.

  • World-class tax evaders need a global response

    With Apple, Google, Amazon and other multinationals in the hot seat for their tax tactics, world leaders need to focus on transparency in tax policies and curbing the global race to cut corporate tax rates.

  • Why US must stop Russian missiles for Syria

    Putin's decision to send S-300 missiles to Syria shows an amoral strategic move by Russia. It also shows up a lack of Western moral concern for the slaughter in Syria.

  • Syria's war can't drift into holy war

    With Lebanon's Hezbollah fighters now officially involved in the Syrian war, the conflict becomes even more a religious and regional clash of Sunnis against Shiites. The prospect of Syria becoming a proxy 'holy war,' mainly between Iran and Saudi Arabia, adds urgency to calls for peace talks.

  • Obama reaches for moral high ground on drones, Gitmo

    In a moral defense of his anti-terror tactics, Obama really argues for a national, even global consensus to counter the ideas of Al Qaeda and others.

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