What gives with North Korea?

We're doing a "Talk to the Editor" webcast at 1 pm (EDT) Thursday on North Korea. Click here for details on how to view it and ask questions.

And here are some early questions via Facebook.

From Chuck:

1. Can we hear more about the NK people? I feel like they more often than
not get
left behind whenever we discuss NK. I know absolutely nothing about the NK
2. What does the average person live on there?
3. What do they do, etc.?

From Chaz:

My question would be more about South Korea on North Korea.

1. How have the recent activities by North Korea affected the South Korean
attitudes of reunification, either from a political or population

From John:

1. Are the North Koreans just saber rattling or are they serious about a
missile launch towards U.S. territory?
2. What do you think their reaction would be if the U.S. boarded a ship
suspected of carrying outlawed material?

From Lilith:

1. How are the people and gov of SK putting press on NK for change?
2. Are there any social interactions between the two?

We'll try to get those and others answered during the webcast.

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