Monday's coverage: Iran update, US voting rights, suspect North Korean ship

These are our coverage plans for today:

In US news ...

Detaining sex offenders. The Supreme Court agreed to consider whether people who've served their time for sex crimes can still be detained for public safety. Warren Richey reports.

Voting Rights Act. Warren Richey also covers the Supreme Court decision on voting rights. It didn't invalidate the oversight provision for states in the Voting Rights Act, as many thought it might. But it did allow one jurisdiction to be exempt from the provision.

• Reaction to voting rights decision. Warren will explore why the high court's narrowly cast decision on the Voting Rights Act was a surprise to many – but not to all.

• Suspect North Korean freighter. Peter Grier looks at US and UN military options vis-à-vis inspecting N. Korea's cargo ship Kang Nam, sailing toward, perhaps, Myanmar.

• Terrorists and gun laws. Patrik Jonsson on a new federal report that known or suspected terrorists tried to buy guns 963 times between 2004 and early 2009 – and were cleared to proceed with the purchase 90 percent of the time. Democratic lawmakers offer a bill to close the "terror gap" in gun laws.

• Iranians in America. Dan Wood collects the views of the largest Iranian-American community in the US regarding the upheaval in their home country.

• Volunteerism. A recession can actually be a boon to volunteerism. Is this one? Mike Farrell looks at the trend as the first lady kicks off a national volunteerism conference and an event.

In world news ...

Defending Somalia. Scott Baldauf on the return of Ethopian troops to Somalia a year after they withdrew.

Iran update. Scott Peterson pulls together the latest.

US in Iraq. Jane Arraf reports that American soldiers who had been expected to leave their remaining bases within Mosul by the June 30 deadline might be allowed to stay under an agreement being finalized with the Iraqi government.

Maoists in India. Mian Ridge on a deadly ambush by Maoist rebels in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh Sunday. Fear is growing that the revolutionary movement is gaining ground in many parts of the country.

Zimbabwe farm takeover. Ian Evans reports that as Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai continues his world tour, his message may be undermined by his niece who is trying to seize a white-owned farm in Chegutu to "correct historical injustices."

• Pakistani offensive. Baitullah Mehsud, head of the Pakistani Taliban and mastermind of the Benazir Bhutto assassination and other deadly attacks, has become public enemy No. 1. The Pakistani Army is preparing an offensive in his tribal area, South Waziristan, with the goal of “eliminating” him. Issam Ahmed reports.

• Mao in China. Peter Ford on China's effort to find an appropriate name for an aircraft carrier. The people want "Mao."

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