Readers write: Magazine changes, the Second Amendment, and more

Letters to the editor for the Dec. 2, 2019 weekly magazine. Readers discuss the Monitor's crossword, the Second Amendment, and the rugby world cup.

Magazine changes

I had to write in to say that as I was looking through the Oct. 21 Monitor Weekly, I noticed the double-page “Points of Progress” with the world map! I love it. Thank you.

In that issue, there was also a longer crossword and no sudoku puzzle; I was glad to see sudoku will return. I rarely do the sudoku and never do the crossword. However, I know many people who do both and am glad they are there for when I share the Monitor with non-Christian Scientists.

In addition to reading the full print Monitor, I have started listening to the Monitor Daily as well as “A Christian Science Perspective,” which is such fun! So many thanks for the blessing of the Monitor.

Sancy Nason
Tathra, Australia

The Second Amendment

Regarding “Readers Write” in the Nov. 4 Monitor Weekly: Two people wondered why some Americans fiercely defend the part of the Second Amendment that states “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

I believe the point of that part of the Second Amendment – and why it should be interpreted to mean that private citizens should be armed outside a government-run militia – is so that Americans themselves can defend the U.S. Constitution in case the government falls to a corrupt politician or group of politicians. Many nations have fallen this way throughout history. 

Allison Eggers
St. Louis

Healing the divide

The editorial “Friendship across political lines” in the Nov. 4 Monitor Weekly reminds me of a statement I love. It’s credited to the Methodist founder John Wesley and says “We need not think alike to love alike.”

Harry R. W. Sullivan
Santa Rosa, California

Sports talk

The editorial “A springbok in their steps” in the Nov. 18 Monitor Weekly rightly celebrates South Africa’s success in the recent rugby World Cup in Japan. The writer failed to acknowledge, however, the second team that competed on Nov. 2: England. 

England’s rugby squad contributed much to the World Cup tournament, and the editorial should have recognized their achievement in reaching the final. The team’s semifinal victory over New Zealand was considered by many to be the most outstanding match of the six-week tournament.

Alistair Budd
Newport, Wales

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