Readers write: Influence of ‘Jurassic Park,' Daily praise, wisteria memories, Americans finding common ground

Letters to the editor for the Sept. 3, 2018 weekly magazine.

Universal Pictures/AP
Sam Neill stars in 'Jurassic Park.'

Influence of ‘Jurassic Park’

The June 11 Focus story, “Rise of the ‘Jurassic Park’ generation,” was great! I am a longtime science teacher, and I, too, have seen the profound influence that this movie series has had on my students over the years.

David Miller

Port Townsend, Wash.

Daily praise

Thanks so very much for the Monitor Daily. I love it! I love the audio, the deep read opportunity, everything about it. Thanks!

Merry Ann Peterson


Wisteria memories

Regarding the June 11 Home Forum essay, “Attack of the purple ‘bean trees’ ”: Some of my earliest memories are of the scent of wisterias as I walked home from school. The fence in our side yard was covered with their beautiful blooms. That may be why I love that color.

Mary Paschall

Snellville, Ga.

Americans finding common ground

I really appreciate your July 6 Monitor Daily article “How a Millennial influx is changing a small heartland city.” It’s interesting, balanced, and gives a good picture of the local situation and the attitudes of the participants. 

This is the kind of story that is often underreported, where ordinary Americans are finding commonality and defining a bright shared future for our nation. Small is indeed beautiful when it comes to cities and offers the community and interpersonal interaction so badly needed in our large urban landscapes. 

I’d love to see more coverage on the topic of encounters and commitments between old/young, urban/rural, wealthy/struggling, highly educated/poorly educated, conservatives/liberals, families/singles, etc.

Erin Bottger

Montgomery, Ala.

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