Readers write: Changes at a Chinese university, bringing historical context to current events, bringing families back together, learning more about Hungary

Letters to the editor for the July 9, 2018 weekly magazine.

Zoltan Mathe/MTI/AP
Winner Martin Sonka of Czech Republic flies his Edge 540 V3 aerobatic plane above the River Danube during the final of the Master Class category of the Red Bull Air Race World Series in central Budapest in Hungary on June 24, 2018.

Changes at a Chinese university

Regarding the March 5 Focus article, “One Chinese university’s about-face”: This story shed some very interesting light on the transformation China has undergone under the rule of President Xi Jinping. What I felt intuitively has been articulated and confirmed.

David Fares

Ballwin, Mo.

Bringing historical context to current events

When I read the March 29 Monitor Daily article “The perennial presidential urge to bring FBI ‘under control,’ ” the historical presentation in the piece put the situation in clearer focus for me and, I believe, will do so for others. I appreciated the review. 

You should continue to give facts that will explain the present process as opposed to or evolved from historical processes.

Susan Schlaepfee

Ithaca, N.Y.

Bringing families back together

The April 9 “People Making a Difference” article about Kevin Adler was a beautiful story. Very touching. It is nice to hear a story about the homeless that involves a new way to reconnect families.

Jill Johnson

Spring Valley, Calif.

Learning more about Hungary

I’ve just finished reading the April 5 Monitor Daily article about Hungary, “As Hungary votes, gathering shadows of a mythical past,” and I feel informed on the issues in the country and on the country’s proud history, neither of which I was aware of before today.

Thank you for your excellent article.

Racine Colburn

Vacaville, Calif.

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