Readers write: Blessings from a radio station, hearing from the other side, peaceful unity of the future

Letters to the editor for the April 9, 2018 weekly magazine. 

Amanda Paulson/The Christian Science Monitor
Wind turbines are located at the Rock Mountain Power's Seven Mile Wind Park just outside Hanna, Wyo.

Blessings from a radio station

Regarding the Feb. 9 Monitor Daily article “ ‘Calls From Home’: How one Kentucky radio station connects inmates and families”: This article speaks to the heart. I communicate with an inmate here in California, where I live, and we have a very inexpensive telephone calling program that is provided for a number of prisons, so he is able to call fairly frequently. I think that what that radio station in Kentucky is doing is a compassionate, kind, tender activity that is surely blessing many people. I am glad you covered this story. Thank you.

Kathleen Cramer

Azusa, Calif.

Hearing from the other side

Regarding the Jan. 9 Monitor Daily article “Gun rights: Bid to federalize concealed carry puts GOP in unfamiliar territory”: It is refreshing to come away from an article, after reading well-made arguments from people whose position is opposite my own, thinking “Well, they have a good point there!” Frustrating, mind you – it’s always comforting to read articles that just reinforce one’s own beliefs – and uncommon, but refreshing.

Cliff Lawson

Water Valley, Miss.

Peaceful unity of the future

I appreciate the balance of articles in the Jan. 15 issue of The Christian Science Monitor Weekly. The stories in Points of Progress about improvements in energy conservation worldwide in Bahrain and California as well as a Progress Watch piece that details the liberating use of solar panels in Jordanian refugee camps and a Focus about remarkable converts to wind power in Wyoming are especially inspiring. Hats off to your excellent staff and reporters for finding and publishing examples of long-range social, economic, and environmental good. Such articles hold promise for the peaceful unity of our future together.

Ruth Plum

Wilmington, N.C.

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