Readers write: Winning recipe, Kindle for a train ride, prepping for the State of the Union, measuring progress

Letters to the editor for the March 26, 2018 weekly magazine. 

Brian Snyder/Reuters
A commuter (l.) reads on a Kindle e-reader while riding the subway in Cambridge, Massachusetts on March 18, 2011.

Winning recipe

Regarding the Jan. 22 Home Forum essay, “Stealth parenting”: I tried writer Teresa Exner’s cranberry-almond muffin recipe, and it is wonderful and easy. I used almond flavoring instead of the vanilla and wow-oh-wow are they good! They have become a family favorite! Thanks, Teresa.

Marcia Hartill

Seaside, Ore.

Kindle for a train ride

Regarding the Feb. 19 books article “Europe, what are you reading?”: I’ve spent many happy hours reading on European trains, and in the past 10 years, I have used a Kindle. Yes, I love the book with its printed page. No, I do not love packing half a suitcase of books for a long trip or trying to read in poor light. I can adjust the size of the print to make reading easier on a bumpy ride, and I can look up definitions of words at any moment. And I have access to books from my public library no matter where I am. Why do people seem to think reading on a Kindle or tablet spells the end of literature?

Margie Gibson

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

Prepping for the State of the Union

Regarding the Jan. 29 article “State of the Union: How Teleprompter Trump can win the night”: This was very good! It helped me know what to expect. It was fair and unbiased. Most of all, you folks do an incredible job of remaining compassionate and respectful. Thank you!

Tarah Nellis

Aurora, Colo.

Measuring progress

Regarding the Jan. 22 cover story, “My return to China”: The contrasts Ann Scott Tyson identifies in the changes since she first knew China provoke questions about progress and how it is measured. It is captivatingly well written. I’ll read it again.

Margaret Hughes

Wandiligong, Australia

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