Readers write: Most important meal, moving into the future, analyzing the world, looking at industrial societies

 Letters to the editor for the Jan. 29, 2018 weekly magazine. 

Michael Bonfigli /The Christian Science Monitor
David Cook, Christian Science Monitor Editor at Large and host of the Monitor Breakfasts, shakes hands with Senator Susan Collins at the St. Regis Hotel on Nov. 30, 2017 in Washington, DC.

Most important meal

Regarding the Dec. 18, 2017, Upfront column, “A change at the Monitor Breakfast table”: Thank you so much for the Monitor Breakfasts. They are so needed today. 

I am delighted Linda Feldmann will be carrying on the tradition. Kudos to you all!

Pam Wylie Powell

Springfield, Ore.

Moving into the future

The Dec. 25, 2017, cover story, “18 bright ideas for 2018,” on technology moving us into the future, is one of the most informative and relevant articles I read last year. 

Thanks to the writer, Eoin O’Carroll, for helping an “old guy” like me be aware of my grandchildren’s future!

Johnny Cox

Spokane, Wash.

Analyzing the world

Regarding the Dec. 14, 2017, Monitor Daily article “Where America’s go-it-alone foreign policy could lead”: Howard LaFranchi is a brilliant, concise, knowledgeable analyst of the world stage. I have cherished his reporting for many years. I always feel better educated and that I have more understanding after reading one of his articles. He is a jewel in the Monitor’s crown. I am most grateful. 

Sunny Scott-Luther

Georgetown, Texas

Looking at industrial societies

Regarding the Nov. 24, 2017, Monitor Daily article “Plumbing the role of ancient culture in conservation”: I would like to see some examples of how this precept might work in industrial societies as well as in indigenous cultures. For example, how can local economies in the continental United States work in harmony with the conservation of species such as the spotted owl, snail darter, and black-footed ferret?

Eric Klieber

Cleveland Heights, Ohio

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