Readers write: Securing integrity of elections, acting to end sexual harassment

Letters to the editor for the Dec. 25, 2017 weekly magazine.

David Goldman/AP
Clerk Beverly Wadley (l.) instructs Tina McCrary how to insert her paper ballots as she votes using a new machine at a polling site in Conyers, Ga.

Securing integrity of elections

Thank you, Christian Science Monitor, for the Dec. 11 cover story, “Insecure ballots.” I certainly feel more secure in the election process, and it seems that, with not much more expense, a paper trail of votes cast really can secure the integrity of the elections we have every few years. 

This article was well written and researched, and I would hope that readers appreciate, as I do, the in-depth research done by the Monitor.

Sue Carol Helten

Douglass, Kan.

Acting to end sexual harassment

Regarding the Dec. 4 OneWeek article “Spotlight shifts to Congress”: With the information you provided, I plan to contact my congressional reps with my support for the ME TOO Congress Act. I would be very interested in further coverage of this legislation and progress made in Congress to decrease and end sexual harassment. 

Thank you for providing such great journalism.

Marianne Scott

Boulder, Colo.

Noble ideals shown in selfless work

The Oct. 23 People Making a Difference article on Sharad Godse was a great piece about wonderful work happening in rural India, accomplished by retirees in various scientific fields who wish to impart understanding and interest in science to the rural school populations, boys and girls alike. 

It was inspiring to read about noble ideals and the selfless work manifesting them.

Catherine Stone

Mill Valley, Calif.

Uplifting story

Regarding the Nov. 20 cover story, “A billionaire’s war on poverty”: This story was great! It was uplifting and sweet and the compassion shown by George Kaiser is remarkable. He gets it on so many levels – it warms my heart.

Bonnie Bulfer

Scottsdale, Ariz.

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