Readers write: Overcoming fear, keeping treasures, county fair values

Letters to the editor for the Sept. 18, 2017 weekly magazine.

US Forest Service
A timber rattlesnake, captured in a tube, will be fitted with a transmitter in order to discover and protect new dens.

Overcoming fear

Regarding the Sept. 11 Science & Nature article “Learning to live with rattlesnakes”: I have three snakes (not rattlesnakes) in my two gardens, in the front and the back of my yard. 

I have been working all summer (and the past two summers) to overcome a long-standing fear of them. This article helps me immensely. Thank you.

Gwendolyn Whitmore

Tigard, Ore.

Keeping treasures

Regarding the July 25 Monitor Daily article “A handing down of cherished ‘stuff’? Receiving generation says ‘no.’ ”: I still love and use all my treasures collected over 78 years. They remind me of my travels and living abroad. 

The names of my children are posted on the back of the furniture I had made in Italy and Taiwan. They all want those memories to last and the good times remembered. 

They want my china, crystal, and silver from Greece, Spain, and Ireland as well as my bronze chargers from Thailand. I also have eight grandchildren and they have requested items that have a connection to the travel we did together.

I am so happy they will enjoy them in years to come.

Leonora Tobin

Madison, Conn.

County fair values

Thank you for the marvelous report “At a Colorado county fair, an exhibition of values” on the Moffat County Fair in the Aug. 24 Monitor Daily. It is reassuring to know that there are places where children are still taught responsibility, family values, and a love of the flag. It is obvious that the fair experience also builds community.

It is to your credit that you devoted space to this story.

Forrest Walpole

Highlands Ranch, Colo.

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