Readers write: Marmalade origin, rugby injuries, correct punishment

Letters to the editor for the Feb. 27, 2017 weekly magazine.

Melanie Stetson Freeman/Staff
Homemade marmalade is on display on November 29, 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Marmalade origin

The Dec. 19 essay in The Home Forum, “Marmalade worthy of Paddington Bear,” mentions quince as only one of the fruits used to make marmalade, but it didn’t give the origin of the word “marmalade.” Marmalade in Portugal, explains my husband, who was born and brought up there, is made from the marmelo, which is quince. But I don’t know whether Seville, Spain, with its oranges followed Portugal with its quinces or vice versa. Meanwhile, we have to buy marmelada (also labeled as quince) in Montreal on visits there.

Edith H. Miller

Fredericton, New Brunswick

Rugby injuries

The Jan. 16 Mix article “What’s behind the NFL’s ratings drop?” refers to concerns over player safety as a possible factor in the National Football League’s declining popularity. Player safety is also an important issue in the Rugby Union. The high injury rate – including concussions – in professional rugby has resulted in changes in the sport’s tackling rules.

Football and rugby coaches need to address concerns regarding the viability of contact sports in which the risk of injury is high. Credit is due to rugby administrators who are seeking to ensure – through amendment to the rules of the game – that the sport is safer and more enjoyable to play.

Alistair Budd


Correct punishment

Regarding the Jan. 11 article “Death sentence for Dylann Roof: Charleston grapples with hate and grace” ( Being perhaps in the “moral minority,” I don’t believe in the death penalty. Even though Dylann Roof is guilty of fatally shooting nine black church members, killing him will not prevent other crazed individuals from going on another shooting spree. Only stricter gun-control laws will help to accomplish that. An “eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth” mentality doesn’t speak well for a civilized society.

JoAnn Lee Frank

Clearwater, Fla.

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