Readers write: Political coverage, solutions for peace, holiday lines

Letters to the editor for the Dec. 26, 2016 weekly magazine.

Myra Beltran/Houston Chronicle/AP
A mid-December day at the University Station Post Office in Houston.

Political coverage

I have been a subscriber to the Monitor for a number of decades and I like the evenhanded, positive editorial tone that you set. However, I am increasingly disquieted by how you portray Donald Trump. You seem to be loath to criticize a man who has sexually assaulted women, who has white supremacist and anti-Semitic advisers, and who demonstrably lies continually. I would have thought that the first of those facts alone would be enough for the Monitor to write an editorial pointing out his unsuitability for office.

So my question is, why the editorial silence? How far would Mr. Trump have to go before you would speak out? I guess I am asking, at what point does evenhandedness become complicity?

Milton Love

Santa Barbara, Calif.

Solutions for peace

Regarding the Nov. 16 editorial, “Peace pact 2.0 to end Colombia’s war” ( We propose that the restorative process and truth-telling for victims and former rebel soldiers, who must be reintegrated and carry out community service, incorporate community-supported agriculture. This could help the healing process and provide means for restitution. The CSA could include a host of community transformation collaborations imbued with notions of stewardship and empathy. It will nurture trust-building, ensuring Colombia’s inclusive and enduring peace.

Blanca Lucía Echeverry, Marcelo Caruso, Yvonne Lodico, and Dax Crocker

Grace Initiative, Dorset, Vt.,
and Bogotá, Colombia

Holiday lines

The Dec. 12 Home Forum essay, “Going postal at Christmas,” had a great punch line and was such a realistic rendition of so many standing-in-line experiences during the holidays. Taking jobs from workers is a real issue and having patience is a daily challenge, not only at Christmas. Thank you for writing this gift for us.

Martha F. Barkley

Charleston, S.C.

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