Readers write: EU reforms, wildlife and roads, Wright brothers

Letters to the editor for the June 15, 2015, weekly magazine.

Russell Cheyne/Reuters
Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon (r.), greets British Prime Minister David Cameron, as he arrives for their meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland, today.

Call for European Union reforms
The May 25 Monitor’s View “British election sets a model for nations in midst of divorce” refers to Scotland’s possible secession from Britain. There is no reference to another potential “divorce” confronting British Prime Minister David Cameron: Britain’s separation from the European Union. There will be a referendum on this next year or in 2017. In order to convince British citizens to vote in favor of EU membership, Mr. Cameron must initiate significant reforms in EU policy and reaffirm the sovereignty of national legislatures operating within the EU. His ability to successfully maintain Britain’s position within a reformed EU will partly define his legacy as prime minister. 
Alistair Budd

Wildlife and roads don’t mix
Regarding the May 22 online article “How Obama’s ‘butterfly highway’ paves way to save embattled monarchs” ( Although federal and state agencies are well meaning in their monarch butterfly conservation, Interstate 35 is not the place to do it. Butterflies and highway traffic don’t mix. The buffeting air currents created by passing trucks, let alone direct contact with the fast-moving vehicles, is likely to make many insects go splat. If anything, you would want to eliminate any plants near the highway known or suspected to be attractive to butterflies.
Fraser Shilling
Road Ecology Center,
University of California, Davis
Davis, Calif.

Wright Brothers appreciation
Thank you for the May 18 review of David McCullough’s new book, “The Wright Brothers.” I agree with your reviewer that the best part of the book is the detailed description of the Wrights’ struggles and breakthroughs as they worked at Kitty Hawk, N.C. They quietly overcame what seemed like insoluble difficulties, working patiently, step by step, determined that powered flight was possible. We owe much to the Wrights.
John Moorhead
Erie, Pa.

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