6 reasons why President Obama will defeat the NRA and win universal background checks

Something is going to happen this session in the US Congress that hasn’t happened in more than a decade: The National Rifle Association (NRA) is going to lose on a top priority issue. Here are six reasons why President Obama will win a victory on universal background checks.

4. NRA won’t be the only big spender anymore

In the past, the NRA dramatically outspent gun control groups, sometimes by as much as 20-1. Lately, though, that has begun to change. New York's mayor, billionaire Michael Bloomberg, has put his money where his gun-control mouth is, and supported candidates who favor reasonable gun limits. His political action committee, Independence USA, spent more than $8 million to support gun-control candidates last election (closing in on the $17 million the NRA spent). Bloomberg-backed candidates won three of the six races where his superPAC was involved.

Perhaps more important, former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who was horrifically injured in a mass shooting two years ago, has pledged to raise $20 million for the elections of 2014 – to match what the NRA spent last November.

The money game on guns may be even for the first time in modern history.

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