6 ways President Obama and Congress can avoid the 'fiscal cliff'

Republican congressional leaders and President Obama sharply disagree over how to deal with the impending “fiscal cliff.” But a successful plan shouldn’t be that hard to put in place. Here are six ways Washington can avoid the “fiscal cliff.”

3. Cap federal health-care spending

Washington should strengthen the Affordable Care Act provision that calls for the growth of Medicare spending per capita to be no faster than the growth of GDP plus 1 percent. As part of the push to curb health-care spending, lawmakers should also redouble efforts to improve the delivery of care so that Americans get better value for their health-care dollars.

They might call for a value-added or national sales tax earmarked for health care if the cap on federal spending is exceeded at the end of the decade. In the end America can only have the health care it is willing to pay for.

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