Five ways GOP can use the Republican National Convention to excite voters

The images, themes, and sound bites generated at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., Aug. 27-30 will set the tone for the rest of the election season. Here are five suggestions the GOP can use at its convention to excite voters and chart a path to victory.

2. Connect voters with Mitt Romney

Voters are well aware of Mr. Romney's business background, and many praise him for it. But he lags far behind President Obama in likability and on voters' belief that he understands the everyday problems of Americans.

Romney is unlikely to completely close the likability gap, but the convention gives Republicans four scripted days to introduce Romney to voters, many of whom still know little about him. Tell his story in ways that connect with average Americans; let his wife, children, and longtime friends reveal his kinder, gentler side.

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