Five things international community must give Syria after Bashar al-Assad

Syria sits at the crossroads of a region undergoing tremendous upheaval and fragile democratization. Transition in Syria after Bashar al-Assad will be impossible without constructive international support. While the future of Syria must be in the hands of its people, the end of the Assad era, however it comes, will require resetting the way in which the world engages with the country. From outsiders, Syria will need these five key things:

1. Help safeguarding chemical weapons and integrating military

Alia Haju/Reuters
A young Syrian refugee boy plays in a bucket July 25 near a government school that he is residing in with his family after they fled fighting in Damascus. Op-ed contributor Kurt Shillinger outlines four things Syria will need from the international community after Bashar al-Assad.

Syria will need international military support to seal off and ultimately depose of chemical weapons. It will also need help to integrate and adapt the armed forces under civilian command.

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