4 ways US and Iran can make nuclear talks work

The Moscow talks on Iran’s nuclear program ended in stalemate June 19, as both cynics and optimists anticipated. While low-level experts will meet in July, the next set of sanctions against Iran are scheduled  to kick in within weeks, arguably restarting the whole negotiating process. The next time around, the parties should consider broadening their approach in these four ways.

3. Getting to maybe

This can start by recognizing common interests: stability in Afghanistan and Iraq (where Iran provided America political support and intelligence in the wake of the invasions); upgraded energy infrastructure and trade in the region; a reduction of Sunni militancy like the Taliban; and a Central Asia and Gulf in which Iran does not feel threatened.

Of course, a resolution to the deeply ingrained differences that drive Iran’s nuclear program won’t happen in a day. Talks are a single event; but diplomacy is a process that takes time and commitment, and engages the multiple power centers in each country.

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